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At Black Drum Roasters, our obsession with coffee knows no bounds. We’re on a relentless pursuit for specialty beans sourced ethically from around the globe, all driven by our CEO, Gavin Gam, who’s a self-professed coffee and food connoisseur. Gavin’s journey began with Rose Bay’s Espresso on Dover in the ’90s, where his quest for sustainably sourced specialty beans was born out of frustration with the limited options available. Determined to find the perfect beans, he embarked on a global adventure.


Traversing continents, Gavin indulged in the sweetness of Ethiopian beans, experienced the richness of Kenyan soil, and reveled in the smoothness of Brazilian brews. Along the way, he connected with everyone from coffee farmers to local enthusiasts, learning the secrets behind crafting exceptional coffee. This journey led him to Aroma Coffee Roastery in 1998, where he assembled a team of passionate coffee aficionados who shared his vision.


Building on Aroma’s success, Gavin and his team envisioned expanding their reach, allowing more people to savour the diverse flavours of coffee from different corners of the world. In 2020, Black Drum Roasters joined the fold, followed by the recent addition of Fat Poppy Coffee Roasters to our portfolio in 2023. None of this would be possible without our dedicated production, quality, and sales teams. Each member embodies the strength, passion, and innovation required to craft harmonious blends and single origins consistently.

By intertwining Gavin’s passion for exceptional coffee with our commitment to ethical sourcing and relentless pursuit of perfection, we strive to elevate the coffee experience for enthusiasts worldwide. Join us on our journey as we continue to explore, roast, and brew the finest coffees the world has to offer.

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