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A New Chapter in Our Coffee Journey

With over 26 years in the specialty coffee industry, Gavin Gam (CEO) is excited to announce the launch of our latest venture – a dedicated Beverage Division that’s set to redefine the art of cold brews, coffee liqueurs, and coffee-based spirits. This division is the culmination of decades of passion, expertise, and innovation, equipped with cutting-edge machinery that promises unparalleled extraction and yield.

As we brew this new chapter, Gavin is seeking a Working Partner to helm this division. This is a unique opportunity to not only lead but also to grow under his mentorship. Gavin is looking for someone who shares our vision for excellence and innovation in the coffee industry.

What’s involved:

• Leadership of a pioneering Beverage Division.

• Hands-on experience with top-tier machinery and technology.

• A growth-oriented environment, nurtured by decades of industry knowledge.

• Personal mentorship and guidance from an industry veteran.

You’ll need to be:

• A fervent passion for specialty coffee and innovative beverage solutions.

• A strategic thinker with a vision for growth and a flair for leadership.

• Someone who thrives on challenges and is eager to innovate in the coffee space.

• An individual who values learning and personal development, is keen to grow under seasoned mentorship.

This is more than a role; it’s a journey you’ll embark on together with Gavin, blending tradition with innovation. 

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